Emerging from restrictions at church

Making BBC a safe, warm, welcoming environment for people to have a positive visit at Sunday gathered worship services

It has been a very challenging time for the leadership, working through how best to ensure your visit to church is a safe, welcoming and positive experience.  The lifting of all restrictions does not relax these challenges.  The leadership team continues to listen, monitor and trial the best way for the church to remain a place where people can choose to attend, based on clear communication and information.  

We are very aware of the differing positions people find themselves in: some of us prefer or need to wear masks and some of us do not, so over the next two Sundays we are trialling two different styles of service, to help us navigate through this compromise. Your cooperation is appreciated.

We are encouraging everyone to book one Sunday in the next two weeks, to attend a church service more suited to your preference. You can book in through the link below, or you can phone in.  Please book in by Friday 23rd July for either of the weeks, 25th July or 1st August.

Sunday 25th July – Masks will be optional

This means that you do not have to wear a mask if you do not wish to. If this causes you concern, please avoid this service.

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Sunday 1st August – Mask will be encouraged and preferred

This means all our servers and anyone attending church will be expected to wear a mask, unless exempt for medical reasons.

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  • You have tested positive for coronavirus

  • You have symptoms relating to COVID-19

  • You have been in a bubble where someone has the virus

Online provision

While we aim to maintain our online presence, we are solely dependent on a few people who have the time and skills to help us deliver this.  If you are someone who has these skills or are willing to learn please speak to Rich Standbrook.  If we do not have enough volunteers, it may not be possible to maintain this provision each week.


We will be serving refreshments in the marquee in the garden after both services for those who wish to socialise.  These will be served by members of the hospitality team, not self-service.  Once you are outside the building, masks will be optional. If you wish to stay for refreshments, then we will ask you to exit the building out into the garden.  If you do not wish to stay, then you will be able to exit the via the main entrance.


We will allow people to sing at both services, though the second week will mean singing whilst wearing a mask.  At both services we will ask those who wish to sing to sit towards the front of church, and those who do not wish to sing to sit towards the back. 

When planning your attendance at Church please take note of the following:

  • Our hospitality team will be on hand to assist you in making your visit as comfortable, welcoming and safe as possible;

  • You will be asked where you would like to sit and whether you would prefer space between you and anyone else;

  • Please minimise any movement around the building;

  • Our services will be starting at 10am every Sunday;

  • We will be capping attendance to 65 attendees in the service, excluding children who will attend Junior Church and those serving on the day;

  • Children will go out to their groups after the sung worship (if we have enough volunteers);

  • Everyone will be expected to sign up online or contact the office by 12pm on Friday 23rd July to book their space;

  • We will leave a limited number of seats for unexpected visitors on the day;

  • There will be a one-way system in operation, starting with coming through the main doors and then exiting via the garden for those who wish to stay for refreshments; however, exiting back through the main doors will be available for those who wish to leave immediately after the service;

  • There will be plenty of hand sanitiser available for everyone to use as often as desired.  Please use hand sanitiser before and after entering the toilets.

We appreciate everyone’s patience, support and prayers as we continue to navigate our way through this very uncharted roadmap of learning to live with COVID.  We will be continuing to monitor how to proceed in the weeks following.

Trustees of Bretton Baptist Church