Giving to Bretton Baptist Church

As a church we are totally self-funding, by means of our members’ and congregation’s gifts and offerings.
Our current annual income is a little over £250,000. We use this to serve the mission and ministry of the church.
This money is used in the following ways:

  • To cover our critical costs - a salaried staff team, heating and lighting for the church building

  • To run an active church - the church office and adminstration, our central ministries – children's ministry, youth ministry, work in the community, Christianity Explored, supporting other agencies in Peterborough, the UK and beyond. And that's only part of being an active church!

  • To create a welcoming church - including church maintence and replacing old equipment

And finally

  • To fund a growing church - for example, we recently built an external store which meant that we could free one of our meeting rooms up to create a welcoming, well-used, church lounge.

How can I give?

We don't take an offering during our services but the offertory box can always be found just inside the entrance to the main church. Cash and cheques (made payable to Bretton Baptist Church) can be placed in the offertory bosx.

If you are a tax payer, there are envelopes by the offertory box for your use. Please complete the gift aid details and sign and date the back of the envelope so that the money can be identified as coming from you and the tax can be reclaimed.

Standing orders are a convenient way to give regularly to God’s work through Bretton Baptist Church. There are standing order forms available in the ‘office manager’ section of the trolley in the church entrance hall; these have all the details you need to set up a standing order online, by phone, post or through your branch. Alternatively, you can print out your own standing order form.

If you are a tax payer, please let us know by completing a gift aid declaration. There are gift aid declaration forms available in the ‘office manager’ section of the trolley by the front door. As a registered charity, this allows us to claim back tax on all your gifts, which increases your contribution to the church at no cost to you. You can print out your own Gift Aid Declaration here. Please return your completed gift aid declaration form to the church office.

Both forms are also available on request by post or by email from the church office.

Dan Jessup, our Treasurer, or Marion Mahan, our Office Manager, would be happy to answer any queries in relation to giving to Bretton Baptist Church.

Bretton Baptist Church
Registered Charity no. 1127305